5 SEO Copywriting Rules That Will Make Your Content Rank Higher in Google

5 SEO Copywriting Rules That Will Make Your Content Rank Higher in Google


1. Begin with an amazing content idea.

What is that specific topic that will resonate well with your target readers’ interests? There are tons of ideas and content variations to select from! Make sure that you are making the right choice. One of the best things you can do for a more convenient routine is to use different SEO tools during brainstorming sessions.

2. Never skip keyword research.

Content creation is not just about writing your heart out. It is also about using strong, relevant keywords that can help you rank high on search engines like Google. This is the reason why you need to conduct thorough keyword research. There are plenty of keywords you can use for oyur content–see to it that you are using the most appropriate ones.

3. Understand search intent.

There are different ranking components that play an important role in integrating content in Google search. Search intent is a component that helps Google and other search engines understand whether a specific search query generates traction among users. By knowing the exact search intent, you can look for the right topic that can make your readers read your posts.

4. Don’t Shy Away of Using Long-Tail Keywords.

Are you familiar with long-tail keywords? There are plenty of local SEO services in Malaysia that can guide you regarding this. Long-tail keywords are those phrase-type keywords with at least 3 or more words. These words have low individual search volume, yet it makes up around 40% of web traffic. Don’t forget to use this type of keyword in your online articles.

5. Write long-form content.

Writing long-form content may take time, but you won’t regret investing your time. Google loves this kind of content because of two reasons. First, it is topically relevant, and then second, it considers relevance as a good ranking factor.

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