How to Buy the Best Women’s Watch: 6 Helpful Tips

How to Buy the Best Women’s Watch: 6 Helpful Tips


1. Watch Straps

More and more manufacturers are now offering timepieces with removable straps.
Interchangeable watch straps give the wear versatility. If you sport different looks once in a
while, get a leather one, as well as three different colors. Metallic colors can make you look
dressier, while a simple leather band is perfect for a casual attire.

2. Watch Movement

Buying watches for women in Malaysia is not only about appearances. You also need to
familiarize yourself with the mechanisms that goes inside the watch. The three types of watch
movements are automatic, quartz and mechanical. The most popular choice for those who are on
a budget is a quartz watch. However, if you are willing to splurge for an investment watch, buy a
mechanical watch.

3. Watch Brands

Various watch brands are known for making high-quality pieces. They serve various market
segments. What do you think is the perfect brand for you? If you are in the market for an
affordable women’s watch, consider Timex or Casio. For those who are willing to spend a big
amount for luxury watches, go for Rolex or Patek Philippe.

4. Your Personality

There is the perfect watch for every personality. The watch you will get must perfectly match
your own attitude and character. Are you an outdoor person? Do you attend business meetings
regularly? Consider specific watch styles, and never forget to consider your wardrobe and
lifestyle choices.

5. Materials

The dress watch you are going to get should complement your complexion. Most timepieces
have metal cases that can protect their delicate mechanisms inside. The most popular watch
material in the market is stainless steel. If you are aiming for a more elegant or delicate look, go
for silver or rose gold watches. For sports watches, functionality is the most important aspect.
6. Your Age
Your age will influence the color and style of your choice. For instance, teenagers usually go for
fashion watches with gemstones and a bracelet. On the other hand, middle-aged women will look
more sophisticated with gold and silver colors.

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