Top Destination Wedding Tips

Top Destination Wedding Tips


Pinterest and Instagram are your BFFs.

There is nothing wrong with gaining wedding inspiration from social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. There, you can make your own vision board that you can share with your wedding planner, cake decorator, florists and more.

Arrive at your wedding location early.

You need to get to your wedding location ahead of time–way beyond your guests arrive. Take advantage of your early arrival by making wedding gift bags, and organizing other important details.

Look at the wedding venue in person.

If you have the time and means to fly to the destination months before the wedding, please do so. That way, you can meet up your vendors, and discuss in person. Sometimes, photos can be misleading. Check if the venue looks as magnificent in person, just like in pictures.

Don’t forget to research.

Do you want to wear that pretty wedding dress from a bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur? If it’s a bit expensive, look for a wedding planner who can help you get a big discount. As for hiring a wedding planner, that’s another matter you should research on. Find someone who has the experience with destination weddings.

Add extra days.

Aside from planning a whole weekend of activities for your guests, add an extra day more bonding time. This is a highly recommended if your wedding location is quite hard to reach, and is in a completely different time zone. Make the most out of your destination wedding.

Leverage on technology to make wedding details more personal.

Even if you and your best friend are miles away from each other, you can still invite her “personally” by meeting up on Facetime, Skype or Facebook Messenger video call. Video call dates are now a thing. Use it to your advantage.

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