Website Design 101: What You Need To Know

Website Design 101: What You Need To Know


Do you want to have a thriving career in website design? Well, that’s a lot of work, but with patience and determination, you will surely achieve your goals in no time. Below are some of the things you need to understand before aggressively pursuing your dream.

CSS Frameworks

Many reputable frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation can help you gain your expected results. These platforms have various friendly features, as well as advanced programs for applications. Web designers love using them when it comes to app development.

Right Color Utilization

Don’t just copy the color schemes other web designers have already utilized. If there is the need for you to read about color psychology, then do it. Choosing appreciable color schemes can take some time. Pick the one that best fulfills your web design project’s needs.


Adobe Photoshop is a top choice for many website designers. If you want to focus on front-end development, it’s best to acquaint yourself with this reliable software program. Know how to play around with it–you’ll definitely make the most out of its functions.

Begin Designing with CSS/HTML Code

CSS and HTML are two of the programming languages you should learn about before taking on any major project.

Go With Responsive

A responsive layout or design is also regarded as flexible images, media queries and fluid grid. Make sure you are familiar with all of these concepts and terms. Responsive layouts offer amazing compatibility with nearly all smart devices, alongside their supported platforms and browsers.

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