How can Milk Help in Man’s Health

How can Milk Help in Man’s Health


From protein early in the morning to an after-workout refuel, Milk could Impact on men’s health like men’s wellness product.

Let’s face it, guys — most of us don’t eat enough protein each morning. Nevertheless, most Americans eat an average of 13 grams at breakfast— around half of what many experts say as part of a healthy morning routine would be most effective.

For weight management, strength, concentration and overall health of people, breakfast can be significant. Yes, according to a recent study in the journal circulation, people who skipped breakfast had a 27 percent higher risk of heart disease compared to men who did not.

But it’s not just making sure that eating breakfast has a big impact on the health of men. It also makes a difference when you eat for breakfast, as well as your food options for the rest of the day. It can make an impact by selecting fruits, vegetables, low-fat meat, lean proteins and whole grains.

And one of the best men’s beverages can also be one of the most obvious–milk. A glass of milk is a tasty and easy way to add essential nutrients, including great quality calcium protein and vitamin D.

Here are some reasons why milk for men’s health can be an important part of a healthy routine.

Protein Punch at Breakfast

Make sure that the meal counts. Eating a meal in the morning provides fuel for your body to start the day. Many experts now recommend that each meal receives 25 to 30 grams of protein, including breakfast! With 8 grams of high-quality protein per 8-ounce bottle, milk is a perfect match for mixing with other foods to help enhance your breakfast protein. Fill your oatmeal with milk instead of water or add it to your smoothie in the morning.

Great Post Workout Fuel

In addition to carbohydrates, protein is also essential to replenishing and repairing your hard-working muscles after a hard workout. There’s chocolate milk here. Low-fat chocolate milk has the right mixture of protein and carbohydrates, has been clinically proven to replenish depleted muscles and help return to optimum capacity. To help rehydrate and replenish essential nutrients lost in sweat, along with fluids and electrolytes. It’s also an easy and delicious choice post-workout.

Nutrients men need

Calcium is not only essential for women-it is also important for men. In fact, it has been found to be a “short-term nutrient,” meaning that men do not get enough of this important mineral that builds the bone. Taking into account research from The FASEB Journal found that milk is a top source of calcium in the diet— with one cup offering about a fourth of the recommended daily amount. Milk should be a part of the regular diet, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Vitamin D is another element that many of us don’t get enough of. In addition to working with calcium to support bone health, according to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report, a growing research body supports the potential role that vitamin D plays in reducing the risk of both cardiovascular disease and cancer. The recommended daily value for adult males is 600 IU. So, consuming the recommended three cups of milk daily will help you get to the recommended amount when paired with other quality foods and daily sunshine.

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