Simple Tips to Help You Buy a Baby Bathtub

Simple Tips to Help You Buy a Baby Bathtub


Simple Tips to Help You Buy a Baby Bathtub

As a new parent, you would think that getting a bathtub would be as easy as going to your computer, going to an online baby store, and just choose whatever it is that you can find, right? But, that is actually not the case.

Once you start looking at the catalog, you will find plenty of options that can bombard you with all different kinds of information.

Well, the good thing for you is that I am going to help you choose a baby bathtub that is right for your newborn. Stick around to find out some amazing tips.

Different Types

The first thing that you should know about bathtubs is that there are plenty of different types out there. Here are just some of the most common ones that you can find:

  • Standard- As the name implies, this is usually the type of baby bathtub that you will see on store aisles and online. It is usually made out of plastic and some have a contoured design to help put your baby in a more upright position when they are bathing. There are even some that come with their own fabric sling to help keep your baby in place.
  • Convertible- This is perfect if you want a tub that can last long because this is an adjustable tub that can be modified to suit your baby’s growing body.
  • Inflatables- This is the perfect tub for parents who have a relatively small home. It can be inflated or deflated for easy storage and it usually includes both a suction cup and a hook so you can hang it outside to dry.
  • Standing- Perfect for parents who want a more comfortable position when they are bathing their baby as it helps elevate your newborn to your level.
  • Foldable- Can be folded for easy storage. If ever you’re going to get one, make sure that you get a sturdy build so that it won’t leak.

Features to Look For

Now that you know the different types of baby bathtubs, I am not going to elaborate more on specific features that a tub must have for you to call it the best one for your newborn.

1. Overhanging Rim
A smooth overhanging rim is great for parents because it helps you pick up your baby without scratching your newborn’s fragile skin.
2. Temperature Gauge
There are some tubs that come with one and there are some that do not. You can either get one with a strip or color-changing plug that allows you to know how hot the water is. If you get a tub without a temperature gauge, you can just purchase one separately.
3. Nonskid Surface
A baby that is well soaped-up is very slippery, so you want to make sure that you get a bathtub that has a non-skid surface.
4. Drain Plug
Draining your baby’s bathtub can be a chore, especially if you have your newborn tucked in one of your arms. A drain plug actually helps you with this and it should be considered a must-have if you’re going to get a baby bathtub.

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